2013                 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI  -- BA, Dance; Communications, specialization in Public Relations

Professional Membership

2013                                 Kristi Faulkner Dance, Detroit, MI

2014 – 2018                     Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater, Minneapolis, MN

2018 – 2019                     Young Dance – Teaching Artist, Minneapolis, MN

2014 – Present              //CATHEDRAL\\, Minneapolis, MN

2018 – Present              Cowles Center For Dance – Teaching Artist, Minneapolis, MN

2018 – 2019                     Zenon Dance School – Teaching Artist, Minneapolis, MN

2019 – Present               St. Paul Conservatory For Performing Artists – Faculty, Minneapolis, MN

Professional Study

2013                 American Dance Festival - Durham, NC

2012-2013       American Dance Festival - New York City, NY

2015                 Martha Graham Summer Intensive - New York City, NY

2016                 Summer Outdoor Training Cartel - Montreal, QB

2018                 Impulstanz – Vienna, Austria

2018                 Ponderosa Movement Festival – Stolzenhagen, Germany

2019                 Spring Forest Qigong – Certified in Qi-sagge Technique – Minneapolis, MN

2019                 5Rhythms Movement Workshop: The Undefended Heart – Sacramento, CA


2020                 Artist Initiative Grant: Dance, Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB) : $10,000

2021                   Flexible Support Grant, Minnesota Regional Arts Council (MRAC) for "Honey" : $15,000


Present            Minnesota Teaching Licensure, Tier 1 - Dance

Choreographic Experience

2014                 Chair and Space

                                    9x22: Bryant Lake BowlTheater

2015                 //CATHEDRAL\\- Milky Justice Musik

                                    Works-In-Progress: Red Eye Theater. Curated by Dolo McComb.

2015                 //CATHEDRAL\\- Tyrannosaurus Wench Pt. 1/3

                                    Choreographer's Evening: The Walker Art Center. Curated by Dolo McComb.

2015                 //CATHEDRAL\\- woo

                                    Isolated Acts: Red Eye Theater. Curated by Dolo McComb.

2016                 //CATHEDRAL\\- MediuM

                                    Vital Matters Dance Festival: The Southern Theater. Curated by Dolo McComb.

2017                 //CATHEDRAL\\- De’Light

                                    Momentum: New dance works: The Southern Theater. Curated by Dolo McComb.

2017                 “Phrases”

                                    Dance-for-film work with St. Paul-based filmmaker, Elliot Malcolm.

2018                 “…Her’s A Queen”

                                    Written by Neal Medlyn, Directed by Steve Busa: Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis, MN.

2018                 “will it last if not”

                                    PetriDish: 3Play – Fresh Oysters Performance Research. Curated by Charles Campbell.

2019                 Pride and Prejudice

                                    Written by Kate Hamill, Directed by Lisa Channer: Park Square Theater, St. Paul, MN.

2020                 The Skryker

                                    Written by Caryl Churchill, Directed by Lisa Channer: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

2021                Honey

                                    The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Performance Experience

2013                 Kristi Faulkner Dance, Detroit Dance CityFestival

2014                 Women of Substance Series, The Student

                                    Choreography by Vanessa Voskuil: O’Shaughnessy Theater, St. Catherine’s University.

2015                 Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater: Touring Season (2015 – 2016)

                                    Artistic Direction: Stuart Pimsler & Suzanne Costello

                                     Duluth, MN - New York Mills, MN - Ely, MN – FergusFalls, MN – Minneapolis, MN - Louisville, KY - Birmingham, AL - Detroit Lakes, MN.

2016                 Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater: Touring Season (2016 – 2017)

                                    Artistic Direction: Stuart Pimsler & Suzanne Costello

                                    Ely, MN - Bigfork, MN – St. Olaf College, MN –Minneapolis, MN – Weber State University, Utah – Palm Beach, FL - VirginiaTech, VA.

2018                 Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater: Touring Season (2017 – 2018)

                                    Artistic Direction: Stuart Pimsler & Suzanne Costello

                                     Ely, MN – Grand Rapids, MN – Duluth, MN – Rochester, MN – Michigan State University, MI – Lanesboro, MN.

2018                 Karen Sherman’s “Soft Goods”

                                    2018TBA Festival, presented by the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA):Portland, OR

2019                 The Sunset Ball

                                    Presented by Fatha Jazz Bordeaux, Category: Vogue Performance. Walker Art Center, Mpls, MN

2019                 Pulling BackThe Curtain

                                    Choreography by Gabbie “The Baddie” Abrams, The Southern Theater: Minneapolis, MN

2019                 Fashionopolis

                                    Artistic Direction, Grant Whittaker, ARIA Event Venue, Minneapolis, MN

2019                 The Graffiti Ball

                                    Presentedby Fatha Jazz Bordeaux, Category: Vogue Performance. First Avenue, Minneapolis,MN

2021                 The Paradox of Stillness

                                    Created by Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1991), curated byThe Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.

2021                 Honey

                                    The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Teaching Experience

2014 - 2018      Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater

·       Family Albums

A two-week residency program within k-12 populations celebrating cultural identity, self-expression and exploration through movement, music and text. Focus is placed on individual artistic agency, student movement generation, collaborative choreographic efforts, and an opportunity to engage in performance.

·       Caring For The Caregiver

A program focused on developing expressive skills for caregivers, through the use of movement exercises and story telling. Populations range from nurses, doctors, medical students, hospice staff, stroke survivors and across the spectrum of involved spouses and family members.

2019 - Present     St. Paul Conservatory For Performing Artists -Minneapolis, MN

·       Voguing

Students will learn the history and technique of voguing – spanning performance styles of Old Way and Vogue Femme, with an emphasis on New Way. Elements of the form - including boxes, lines, swirls, stretch, poses, and floor performance - will be utilized in exercises to develop cleanliness of line, intention of gesture, personal artistic voice, and confidence of execution. Students will leave the semester with a deeper understanding of voguing as a community-based form, ability to combine elements into phrases unique to their individual expression, and a familiarity with voguing in a ball-type setting.

2018 – Present  Cowles Center ForDance - Minneapolis, MN

·       First Movies

A four day residency in Minneapolis / St. Paul public schools, focused on 1stand 2nd grade - exploring creative movement through body, action, space, time and energy.

·       Dance Without Barriers

A 3-5 day residency in k-12 schools where students are immersed in movement forms that encourage self-expression, community, and individual artistic development.

·       University of Minnesota College of Education

A partnership between the Cowles Center for Dance and The University of Minnesota’sUndergraduate College of Education, where students engage in a 3-day residency to develop understanding of space and body awareness, with the intention of utilizing dance in the classroom.

2019                 Teaching Residency – Tapestry Folk Dance

·       GLOW FLOW: 6 Week Workshops Series

Moving the physical body to engage and release in the energetic body – through the use of breath work, meditation, qigong, and 5Rhythms movement technique. 

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